India is one of the largest tobacco producers across the globe. The country has around 0.45 million hectares of area under tobacco cultivation. It accounts for 9% of the total tobacco production in the world.  In India, the average production of Tobacco crops for the last 5 years was around 800 million kg.

The consumption of tobacco in any form can have negative effects on people’s health and also pose risks to passive smokers. The addictive nature of the alkaloids present in tobacco makes it incredibly challenging to quit. Although tobacco’s economic importance has allowed the industry to flourish, its impact on people’s health cannot be ignored. In India, tobacco is primarily cultivated in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh, where the crop thrives due to the favorable weather conditions.

After Brazil, India is the world’s second-largest exporter of tobacco leaves. India exported roughly US$816 million worth of raw tobacco in 2022, while importing roughly $21 million worth of the tobacco, according to UN Comtrade. The Indian Department of Commerce established the Indian Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) as a trust, and its 2021–2022 export figures were more than around US$842 million.

India is one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of tobacco, with over 115 countries receiving its shipments; Belgium alone takes up about 18% of India’s total tobacco exports. The United States, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates are three more important export markets for Indian tobacco.

About 36 million people are employed in India’s tobacco industry, which includes farming, processing, manufacturing, and exporting- Reported by IBEF.

List of Top 5 Cigarettes/Tobacco Companies in India (BSE) based on Net Sales.

Company Name Net Sales (Rs. cr)
Godfrey Phillip 3,560.32
VST 1,292.44
The Indian Wood 182.08
NTC Industries 40.38
Raghunath Inves 0.7
Source: BSE, India, last updated 27 February, 2024

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