Image enhancement is a critical aspect of image processing that involves improving the image quality to make it more valuable than its original version. In today’s digital era, image processing is an essential domain, and image enhancement is a crucial step in this process. The clarity of an image can be affected by various factors, such as the environmental conditions, capturing device, and illumination. There are several image enhancement techniques available that can be used to restore the image information. These methods provide several options for improving the quality of images, and the choice of the method depends on factors such as the display instrument, image input, and task requirements. To ensure optimal performance of an image processing system, it is essential to have a high-performing image enhancement routine. A recent study evaluated commonly used algorithms using MATLAB R2014a based on four assessment parameters and found that the edge adaptive hybrid filter was the best algorithm. In the future, there may be innovative image enhancement methods, improved presentation techniques, or a suitable combination of image enhancement schemes.

Author(s) Details:

M. S. Sonawane,
SGBAU, Amravati (M.S.), India.

C. A. Dhawale,
P. R. Pote College of Engineering and Management, Amravati (M.S.), India.

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