Clinical Pharmacist

The demand for pharmacists in healthcare has significantly grown, and their educational and professional responsibilities have been redefined accordingly. One of the major problems in many developing countries is the irrational use of antibiotics, leading to the rapid growth of antibiotic resistance. This irrational practice includes prescription of incorrect dose, duration, route of administration, and frequency of regimen, all influenced by certain interrelated factors and drivers. The primary complications of such irrational antibiotic use are antibiotic resistance, which leads to increased healthcare costs, poorer health outcomes, longer hospitalization, and higher mortality rates, especially in the pediatric population. India is among the top countries with higher rates of antibiotic resistance globally, as reported by WHO, due to inappropriate and irrational use of antibiotics, which increase the incidence and the threat of antimicrobial resistance.

Author(s) Details:

Mohammad Azeem,
Maternity and Children Hospital, Buraidah, Al Qaseem, KSA.

Pankaj Arora,
Lords University Alwar-Bhiwadi-Delhi Highway, Chikani, Alwar, Rajasthan, India.

Yousif Alosaily,
Maternity and Children Hospital, Buraidah, Al Qaseem, KSA.

Aifan Saad Alrsheedi,
Al Razi Medical Company Buraidah, Al Qaseem, KSA.

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