Oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) is a type of cancer that can develop in the oral cavity. Lesions may appear before the cancer develops or signal its presence. OSCC is the eighth most common cancer worldwide and is more prevalent in low-income populations and older men, with 90% of cases occurring in those over 45 years old. Histologic grading is used to evaluate OSCC and predict its prognosis, but there is ongoing controversy over the significance of different grading systems. Our article aims to provide a comprehensive examination of various grading systems for OSCC and assess their prognostic implications.

Author(s) Details:

Varun Rastogi,
Department of Oral Pathology, UCMS, Bhairahawa, Nepal.

Nisha Maddheshiya,
Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology, IMS, Faculty of Dental Sciences, BHU, Varanasi, India.

Nitin Sangwan,
Department of Periodontology, UCMS, Bhairahawa, Nepal.

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