AI in the medical field started to gain substantial attention in the early 21st century, with significant advancements in technology. The primary functions of healthcare AI are to analyze patterns in a patient’s medical history and use current health data to predict potential health risks. This predictive capability enables professionals to offer proactive and preventative care that ultimately leads to better patient outcomes and managing healthcare costs. On Thursday 29th Feb 2024, the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized a discussion about the growing significance of technology in the field of health. The discussion was attended by several doctors and heads of various organizations.

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In the seventh annual ceremony of the organization, the discussion was done on analysing the use of medical gases and devices for the benefit of patients. Additionally, doctors also attended the conversations on the application of artificial intelligence in the medical field. Doctors mentioned that the application of artificial intelligence can help to easily digitize medical records, which could be useful in the future. Moreover, many people expressed the opinion that artificial intelligence could make it possible to conduct clinical trials of various drugs quickly. However, Dr Shubhrajyoti Bhowmik, Clinical Director of Research and Education at Peerless Hospital, emphasized the need to understand the benefits of using this technology based on experiences from other countries. He also stressed the importance of keeping this information secure.

The discussion also sheds light on the health implications of artificial intelligence research and its uses. For instance, Shanta Dutta, the Director of NICED, and others talked about the use of AI in geriatric care. The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry President, Gautam Roy, delivered the welcome address.

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  1. This discussion by the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry highlights the growing importance of AI in healthcare. It’s great to see doctors and experts coming together to explore its potential for improving patient outcomes and managing costs.

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